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Our Mission

We believe that all gifted children deserve the opportunity to be challenged and work at a level commensurate with their cognitive potential. We are passionately committed to advocating for the rights of these young people at a state and national level in order to facilitate their social, emotional and academic development. Our mission is to ensure that all gifted children, regardless of their background, have access to an education that meets their needs.


We aim to:

Educate and empower teachers, healthcare practitioners, parents, and community members to understand and advocate for excellence in gifted education;
Advocate for effective local, state and national gifted education policies;
Elect passionate and committed individuals who will help us to meet our aims and objectives.

Our Work

Individually we have each spent may years working with schools, parents, communities, and organisations with the common goal of improving outcomes for gifted children and adolescents. We have now come together with a common goal: to advocate for strong policies at a state and national level, while ensuring we keep the balanced development of gifted young people at the centre of our advocacy efforts. We are also focused on ensuring any policies relating to gifted education are effectively implemented in schools and are happy to advise in this area.

Many of us are active researchers, and we seek to use relevant academic research to influence and encourage policymakers to consider the needs of gifted students. We seek to provide information to all relevant parties so that informed decisions can be made in relation to all policies that are made that affect gifted children in Western Australia.

Key advocacy areas of Gifted WA include raising awareness of the critical need for pre-service and in-service teacher training in gifted and talented education; identifying and serving at-risk gifted children, including those who are twice-exceptional and/or from disadvantaged backgrounds; and raising awareness in relation to the psychosocial needs

We’d love for you to join us! Please consider becoming a member and supporting us in our mission to ensure that every gifted young person receives the education they need.

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